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Management Belief:

“People-oriented, integrity first, quality first, customer satisfaction.”

Core Value:

Professional dedication, people-oriented, safe environmental protection, the customer first, innovation


Provides the high quality and safety of biological products for human health。

Strategic Vision:


Strategic Vision:

  • Potential depth
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Two: technology innovation,improve production efficiency
  • Three: completed on time, reaching up to product quality
  • brand building, advancing high
  • Full sprint
  • Quality and quantity
  • Sustainment
  • Stable gas supply

Strategic objectives:

ace world's xanthan gum factory。Applied in multiple areas,Adding multiple fermentation products in the future,To develop multiple water-soluble gel products。

Strategic move:

  • Expand the xanthan gum production capacity Realize the technique and technology update of theproduction line
  • Strengthen the research and development ability,Development and diversification of xanthan gum productionline,To achieve high added value.
  • According to the area and customer depth development customer.
  • Clean production, energy conservation and emissionsreduction,to the environmental benefits
  • Through the team building, process optimization, staff incentives,corporate culture construction, implementationmanagement upgrade.
  • Increasing the efficiency of funds, control the cost
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